songs from the pantry

Songs from the Pantry

Songs from the Pantry is the first joint production of Catwalk Concert Productions and the Városmajori Open-Air Theatre. 

The show was created with the consultancy of the well-known gastronomic blogger, Zsófi Mautner. The familiarity and relatability of the show are due to the fact that it addresses themes, both musically and visually, that are linked to our changing gastronomic habits during the COVID-19 quarantine. 

In the gastro-concert, the artists explore the transformation of baking and cooking habits from grandmotherly methods to current hipster trends, takeaway culture and many other elements of the quarantine lifestyle. 




Klára Göttinger, Zsófia Remes, Júlia Simon, Tamási Borbála, Eszter Zámolyi, Judit Sára Elek, Zsófia Nagy, Bálint Szalontai, Daniel Bartos, András Sipos

Gastronomic consultant: Zsófi Mautner

 Costume: Fruzsina Nagy

Music director: Dóra Halas

Dramaturgy: Sarolta Eörsi

Choreographer: Kovács Domokos

Lighting designer: Tibor Kiefer

Lyricists: Petra Al-Farman, Máté Szilvay, Tamás Bogdán, Sarolta Eörsi

Sound designer: Szabó M. Viktor

Reception music pianist: Kristóf Darvas

Hair: Nikolett Kerselits

Make-up: Barbara Kristóf

Project Manager: Alina Karnics